Citizen's Account

If you are the person or business liable to pay Council Tax or Business Rates, or a Benefits customer, you can view your accounts, bills and notification letters online. Landlords can access information about Housing Benefit payments made to them in respect of their tenants.

You can view:

  • Full statement of your account
  • List of your payments
  • Instalments to be paid
  • Benefit, Discount and Exemption details
  • View & print your bills (Adobe PDF versions)
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Before you start, you'll need:

  • An Email Address
  • Your Account Reference Number (on your Council Tax / Business Rates bill or Benefit letter)
  • Your Postcode
  • Your National Insurance Number and Date of Birth (Benefit Accounts only)
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Entry into this system is only granted to registered users. Accessing or attempting to gain access to this system by unauthorised users is prohibited and is an offence under the United Kingdom Computer Misuse act 1990.

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